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  • A Ride On The Black Dragon River
    Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009 in China – Comments: (6)
    Photos by MJ Klein & HuichenHui-chen and I are going back to China next week on business.  We’ll be blogging on our experiences there of course.  But thinking about going back has prompted me to take a look at the photos we took back in August of 2005.  We thought you might like to take a trip we took on the Black Dragon River.
  • Bicycle Riding and Stray Dogs
    Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2009 in Lifestyle – Comments: (39)
    Photos by MJ KleinBy now, everyone knows that I have a new recumbent trike.  But I’m no stranger to bicycle riding.  I’ve had a Giant brand MTB for five years and I’ve enjoyed bicycle riding since I was a kid.  But in Taiwan, there is a huge problem with stray dogs and the fact that you cannot go anywhere on the island and escape from them.
  • Blue Sky Show Update
    Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 in Blue Sky Band – Comments: (16)
    Blue Sky is playing at the Bitan Music Fest this weekend on March 15.  According to the schedule, the time is somewhere between 15:00 and 17:00.  I’m not sure exactly when the band is going to play as there is a Thai cooking demonstration that is going to take place live on stage.We were scheduled to play March 21 in Taichung for the premier of the new movie Detours to Paradise but the venue is being renovated.
  • Caption This Photo! #12
    Posted on Saturday, March 14th, 2009 in Humor – Comments: (6)
    Photo by MJ KleinHui-chen and I attended a party at the legendary Shao-hui’s. We haven’t had one of these for awhile, so you know what to do!  Feel free to leave any kind of comment, not just a funny caption.
  • Recumbent Trike Equipment Update
    Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2009 in Lifestyle – Comments: (24)
    Photos by MJ KleinI updated some of the equipment on the trike in the last few days, so I wanted to do an article about the updates. I installed a Air Zound air horn on the right accessories bar.  I needed a really loud horn for 2 reasons: 1: I’m low to the ground and in some traffic situations I need to make my presence known in an authoritative manner.
  • The Bitan Music Fest
    Posted on Monday, March 16th, 2009 in Blue Sky Band – Comments: (20)
    Photos by MJ Klein & Hui-chen (with FOOD PHOTOS)The Blue Sky band was invited to play at the Bitan Music Fest on Sunday, March 15, 2009.  But, the story of the weekend begins with our friend Andres….The next section is probably NSFW, so be sure you can view discreetly before continuing onto the rest of the article.We went up to Taipei Saturday evening and met up with Andres, Olivia and Karen (right to left) for some “hot pot” fare, since the temperature dropped considerably that evening.
  • The Giant Tree
    Posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 in Park – Comments: (15)
    Photos by MJ KleinHui-chen and I were out the other day, with one of our longtime suppliers and friends.  We came upon this very old tree in the Taichung area: This incredible giant camphor tree was made into a park to appreciate it. Upon closer examination, we find that there isn’t just a single tree, but rather four species all growing together!
  • The Taipei Bike Show
    Posted on Friday, March 20th, 2009 in Taiwan – Comments: (21)
    Photos by MJ Klein & Hui-chenOn Wednesday of this week, Hui-chen and I went up to Taipei for the bicycle show.  Our company produces (among other things) bike parts and we like to see new things at this yearly trade show.Before I get to the bike show itself, I wanted to show you one of the new glass shelters on the THSR platform.
  • This Week In Food 0312
    Posted on Saturday, March 21st, 2009 in Food – Comments: (20)
    Food (and other) Photos by MJ KleinWe’ve had some remarkable meals recently that I want to bring to you.  So, without any further delay, we’ll get right into it!Hui-chen and I attended the Taipei Bike Show, where we met up with our friend David Reid.  David suggested that we eat at the famous hamburger restaurant called Forkers.  We were not disappointed!
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