1. Michael,

    I stopped by to visit your award winning site to see what you and Hui-chen have been up to lately. Wow, Kaohsiung looks warm and green! Here in West Central Ohio it has been snowing likw hell for 11 hours straight and is suppose to continue non-stop until Wed afternoon. In all we are suppose to get a minimum of 8 – 12 inches. Oh what fun! In the past month alone we have had upwards of 7 days with overnight lows at or below 0 F and one of those days it was well below 0 F all day long (with the sun out!) finally bottoming out at -15 F. When it is this cold you do nothing but stay holed up indoors. To say the least my family and I are going stir crazy! You suck Michael! Oh, and tell your lovely wife Hui-chen that she looks exactly like her mother (PT. 4 food photo). I will drop you a line privately in a few days! Peace. Cool. Cya.

    1. howdy Jeff! i’m not going to apologize for being in balmy weather, as i paid my dues with 25+ years of New England weather! thanks for the update because i’m sure our readers will find your local weather conditions to be very interesting. yes, i suck and try to keep warm Jeff! Happy New Year!

  2. ah i was just there outside that department store 4 weeks ago, boy do i miss tw and holidays

    1. one thing that i really like about that store is the fact that those lights are all run off of solar power. we ate at a cool restaurant there last week and it was awesome! i think i need to move down to Kaohsiung! thanks Dennis. hurry back to Taiwan soon!

      1. ic, i had no idea they were solar powered, that’s good. i did not get a chance to go inside, but i heard from friends and family that it’s usually quiet inside.
        i wish i could visit more often, but being an average bloke like most of us, work comes before holidays. hmm that 30mil lotto jackpot next tuesday might come in handy…

  3. MJ & Hui-Chen Wish you a very happy chinese new year. What a great picture MJ. The colors are just unbelievable. what is that btw?

    1. hi Ashish! Happy New Year to you and Selena 🙂 that photo is an upscale (expensive) department store complex with some cool lights that constantly change. as i mentioned to Dennis, the lights run off solar power. i love night shots because they often turn out so dramatic looking. thanks Ashish!

  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you and Hui-Chen. I was wondering where you had been. I look forward to seeing all the pictures.

  5. Happy Chinese New Year MJ! I love posts about Kaohsiung. I consider it my hometown in Taiwan. It has all the convenience of Taipei without the fuss. Next time you are in Kaohsiung, you should check out Rice and Tea House. It’s a tiny restaurant specializing in simple, traditional Taiwanese cuisine with the best local teas. It only has six tables, though, so you have to call before you go.

    Sandys last blog post..The English Countryside in Autumn

    1. Sandy, thanks for the info on the Rice and Tea House. we’ll have to check that out. you’re going to enjoy the next few articles as they are all about Kaohsiung! thanks.

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