1. I thought this picture looked familiar! In fact, I just blogged about it. Did you enjoy this night market? It’s my favorite – my family has been coming to this one for 30 years.

    Sandys last blog post..Taiwan: Everyday Life

    1. Sandy » yeah, it’s pretty good, as tourist markets go. i like the food there. we took our friend David, who was on his first trip to Taiwan. he liked it too. thanks Sandy.

    1. Brunty » well i wish i could take credit for the techniques used in this shot, but this photo was taken with my camera phone! glad it worked out!

    1. Brunty » the problem with such phones in Thailand is that most of the stuff isn’t supported there. we can’t use the video call function in Thailand (or the US for that matter) because there is no 3G network in Thailand. believe it or not, Japan’s secondary network for foreigners is 3G and supports video calls and high speed data transfer. data transfers in Thailand are S L O W. the GPS phones use the network to get a starting point for the position to speed it up. last time i was in Thailand i did not have one of these phones so i’ll have to let you know how well it works after i go there next time. my phone is the Sony-Ericsson C702. thanks for your comments Brunty.

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