1. There’s actually a comment here, even though you didn’t write very much of anything. A friend of mine who works for Taipei figures that the number one pollutant is not vehicles but rather trees. He says the main problem is that they’re planted too shallow, so they don’t hold dirt and dust down. Eventually the roots show and then they fall over like in your pic. He’d say wind and rain did not take this tree down, but rather the incompetence of city planners and their gardener cohorts.

    I wonder how much the tax payer pays for the tree’s purchase, planting, maintenance and removal, or dirt he or she must inhale.

    Patrick Cowsills last blog post..Neili (??), Taiwan

    1. Patrick Cowsill » your friend is right. every tree on that block is seriously messed up because they are planted so shallow. one i can think of in particular fell down some time ago and no one put it back up. so there is about a one-meter long section of trunk that is horizontal and then the trunk bends upright again. every big storm, something else falls down. it’s incompetence for sure. thanks Patrick.

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