In Ubon With Brunty

Photo by Hui-chen

We’re in Thailand and we just came back to Khonkaen after spending a couple wonderful days with our friend Jason Brunt of Isaan Style blog in Ubon.

Now please bear with us, dear Readers, because our internet connections here are spotty at best, and not very fast.  We have a ton of photos to upload and stories to tell but they’re just going to have to wait until next week when we make it back to Taiwan.  In the meantime I’ll still attempt to post some of what we did, but I’m just asking for patience if it doesn’t work out until we get back to Taiwan.

I’d like to sum our our visit to Ubon with Brunty:

  1. Driving under a statue of a giant, 3 headed elephant.
  2. A dead abbot in a glass case.
  3. An awesome outdoor grill party.
  4. Ancient beads resting on pottery in an archeological dig site.
  5. Great food, and the best company one could expect to have.

MJ and Brunty

MJ, ticket in hand, saying goodbye to Brunty at the Ubon bus station

Our thanks to our hosts Brunty and Noot.  We had an incredible time in Ubon!  I promise there is more to come!

This is Brunty’s post on our visit.

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