Spam, Links and Chat

Lately, my MSN account has been deluged with bot spam.  Many of my local friends use MSN chat (but I can’t understand why because it sucks).  My international friends tend to use Yahoo and even ICQ.  In the last month there has been a marked increase in the number of bots trying to “chat” with me.  There seems to be only 3 or 4 scripts, such as  “ wazzup thenhbushman …..I cant upload my pics to msn for some reason! lol Hit me back up on [link deleted] so I can send you a cam invite!” presumably from some young woman who just contacted you.  It’s all spam and I hate it so much that I have MSN disabled now because I can’t stand the frequent interruptions by spammers!  I hope MSN cleans up their act, soon.

Recently, the links to this blog have approached 10,000.  The strange thing is, the number of links varies greatly from day to day (by as much as 3,000), which means that blogs are going down and others are popping up to replace them.  The vast majority of these links are from worthless copy blogs that are nothing more than link banks to try to get high rankings to make money with Adsense before Google catches them and disables their account.  Pitiful.  Every week I get links to useless blogs where no one can comment and it’s nothing more than a bunch of excerpts from blogs across the board.  Every time I get a trackback from a blog like that I mark it as spam and delete it.

Internet spam uses up a tremendous amount of resources, and it doesn’t work. The only people who are making money on spam are the ones selling spamming resources. Never, ever support spammers.  Never buy products advertised by spammers.  Never allow spammers to promote their products on your blog.

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  2. Hmm… two things :

    Use Pidgin, the open source multi-protocol messenger.
    If you’re using Pidgin :
    More about that here :

    Spam does work, unfortunately. The spammers are winning over search engines and people and making huge money doing so with very little effort. Setup a wordpress blog, install a feed aggregator (Taiwan feed style), scrap somebody’s content and put ads, and you’re done. There are link farms, fake redirects etc. that help increase things like Page-rank and incoming links count. It’s endless, and there’s good money in it 😛

    1. Fili » thanks for the spam bot info. i installed the spam bot plug-in and it works great!

      well, those link farms and scraped content blogs aren’t what i consider to be spam. that stuff doesn’t end up in my email box and i don’t get solicitation from IM bots. i was referring to spam email and the like.

      thanks Fili.

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