We’re Back! (Almost)

We’ve narrowed the problem with our blog down to a plug-in.  We’re not sure exactly which plug-in is causing the problem yet.  Thanks for bearing with us during our time of trouble.  We appreciate our loyal readership.  Over the next several days we’ll be trying to figure out which plug-in is giving us the headache.  In the meantime, we are riding out the current typhoon.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Well hopefully you’ll find out which plug-in in casuing the problems. When I checked your blog site on Sunday and seen how messed up it looked… I thought it might have been something on my end (I did have a problem when viewing comments on here using Internet Explorer 6).

    Hopefully the typhoon isn’t too bad there. Heard something on the local news about it this morning (heavy rains, winds in the 100mph/160kph range, and so on)… but didn’t hear what part of Taiwan was getting the worse of the typhoon and so on.

    1. mike01905 » yes, it was very messed up looking. i lost some readers recently because of this problem 🙁

      the typhoon petered out without causing any troubles beyond that small amount of initial flooding. the East coast always takes a beating because they are on the Pacific side and there is nothing to protect them (mountains) like the West coast.

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