1. Hi,

    My name is Jonathan and I am studying here from the United States for the next three weeks. I am in Taichung just 5 minutes outside of Taichung City. This is my first time here in Taiwan and I am a bit put off by the much different cuisines. I enjoy seafood, but dislike fish, so I like crab, scalops, salmon, but dislike things like fish cakes and such. I like leaner cuts of meat without much fat or cartilage, but it seems like a lot of the food is very fatty and has a bunch of cartridge. Can you suggest any good food to eat/try that wouldn’t put off a kind of picky American. I also love sushi, but I was advised before I left to avoid sushi. Do you agree or know any safe places to eat sushi in Taichung? Please e-mail me. Thanks for the help.

    1. Jonathan » fat is necessary. cartilage, as we know in Asia, is one of the building blocks for bodily repair. sometimes i specifically order dishes for cartilage. yeah the food is different and as such, the health of the people is different. health in general is better in Taiwan. so, learn what you can in school but also learn what you can on the streets. sushi is safe to eat everywhere in Taiwan. i’ve never had a bad batch. the renowned Sushi Express is not bad. we ate there a few nights ago 🙂

  2. To Jonathan,

    Sushi and sashimi in Taiwan are generally safe to eat, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it (although my biggest complaint about sashimi here is that a lot of places serve it half-frozen for some strange reason). A reasonably-priced kaitenzushi chain that is easy to find in Taichung is Sushi Express.

    I have one question, though: if you don’t like fish, how can you love sushi? For what is sushi but a slice of raw fish attached to a small block of rice with a dab of wasabi? (BTW, some Taiwanese sushi chefs tend to go overboard on the wasabi, so watch out.) I pray by “sushi” you are not referring to that abomination known as the “California Roll” 🙂

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    1. I love sushi and all the various styles including spider crab rolls, smoked eel, snow crab, anything really, salmon & tuna types with avocado and cucumber. I just don’t do things like fish balls and mixes of different types of fish. I am a strange one. I love fish sauce in Pad Thai, but I didn’t like the seafood hotpot I got in Taiwan this week. Too fishy for my tastes. But no, I eat ‘normal’ sushi 😛

  3. And I have a fetish for Wasabi. What is better than having tears running down your face from eating sushi covered in a tasty layer of Wasabi 😛

  4. Do you know where Sushi Express locations are located. I have been having a hard time trying to locate them. I am in 500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng, Taichung 41354, Taiwan. However, I can travel to Taichung center and City very easily. Public Transportation is great in Taichung

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