Dangerous Typhoon FENGSHEN (FRANK) now over Metro Manila-Bulacan

A dangerous typhoon is approaching Taiwan. From the looks of things, it will sneak around the west side and hit our most populous areas – with no protection from the mountains!

Bushman’s Typhoon Blog: Typhoon FENGSHEN (FRANK) now over Metro Manila-Bulacan [Update #007]

+ FORECAST OUTLOOK: FENGSHEN is expected to pass over Bulacan around 8-9 AM
this morning before moving into Angeles-Pampanga area on or before noontime
today. It shall be over Zambales this afternoon.

The sudden Northerly turn of Fengshen was due to the long-awaited weakening
of the high pressure steering ridge located over Taiwan which was supposed
to weaken yesterday..and the development of a peripheral steering ridge
southeast of Fengshen or just to the east of Mindanao.

Strike Possibility Image

Above is a chart predicting the probabilities (in percent) that Typhoon FENGSHEN will pass within 120 km of Taiwan area during the 72 hours starting at 2008/06/22 18 UTC.

Please take the necessary precautionary measures!

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