Bushman’s Picks, May 18, 2007

Hui-chen and I have been very busy, so the picks and even our feature articles have taken a hit somewhat. The truth is, I am very concerned about my father. My sister called me and told me that I need to come back to the US for a visit “before it’s too late” – the call that we all dread. So, Hui-chen and I will be leaving shortly for the US and we’ve had to do some major planning to get things done before we have to leave. One of those things includes scheduling a 10+ ton shipment of parts to the US. Naturally, we will have some new articles of our travels in the US, so don’t think the blog will just go dead during our absence! On the contrary….

It seems that many blogs are light on material lately. This is probably due to the gorgeous summer weather that is coming to countries in the Northern Hemisphere. That certainly is true for Taiwan. So I’ll get on with some quick picks to give you something to read, and then I’m going back to the grill!

  • Big news this week was the earthquake in China. Yellow Journalism Done Wite was there, although quite a distance away from the epicenter. This one was big and could be felt internationally.
  • Another recent addition to the Asian blog scene is Expatrialogues, an interesting collection of articles written by transplants to Asia. Not the typical expat blog type stuff which I normally find boring.

She said: ” Today was state inspection day…. as you can see, it went well and the Toy is all nice and legal to drive now!” Yeah, I’d be all smiles too if I had a car like that! Enjoy the summer weather Chris!

As always, the Taiwan blogosphere is packed with informative and entertaining articles. If you haven’t done so already, please check out our Links page and see what you’ve been missing!

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  1. MJ, sorry to hear that about your father.

    I’m guilty of the light blogging. Good weather, family commitments, and CMIL is living in my “Man Cave” aka our computer / play room have done it to me.

    owshawngs last blog post..I dare!

    1. owshawng » thanks. i have a suggestion…. how about a list of possible topics for future articles just to whet our appetites? just a bulleted list with possible topic titles? that would be great!

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad.

    I have been terrible at keeping up my blog lately. I actually have several back posts I still need to write. I have all the pics, but you are right the weather has compelled us to do more stuff on the weekends that takes time away from blogging.

    Sandys last blog post..New York City: A Small Bite of the Big Apple

  3. I can understand what you mean about dreading the trip home. It’s an emotionally exhausting time – especially for this kind of trip – take care.

    PS I blog often but it’s usually frivolous stuff about my simple life in the south ;).

    Sandy H.s last blog post..Orchids are so pretty!!!

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