Fong Band At May Jam

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Thanks to Axel and Johnny Z for hosting the event and inviting us to play!

We finally got to the concert site about 20 minutes before showtime. Apparently we weren’t the only ones having trouble finding the place because when we arrived, the band before us were late getting there and lost a lot of playing time as a result. I was a pit puzzled why there wasn’t a single sign anywhere. We used some online directions to find the rather famous place but that turned out to be bogus too. Sometimes I can’t figure out why it’s so hard to find places in Taiwan – even places that everyone supposedly knows about. Anyway, we left Hukou at 09:00 and got to the concert site about 13:10 if you can believe that!

I met a lot of brand new people, as well as some whom I have corresponded with in the past but had yet to meet in person. I wish I had more time to stay and listen because the musicianship that I heard in the short time we were there was very impressive. For me to say that, is something in itself.

May Jam

This is the only shot that I took at May Jam that’s worth looking at. Seriously, I only took like 6 shots total. As I said we got there pretty late and there wasn’t much time to get ready. This was the band that went on before us, which according to the schedule, would be Native Space.

Hui-chen shot video of us, and here are 3 clips:

You’ve heard the song in this last video before. It’s an original song that we played at Taoyuan stadium and this is how it sounded at May Jam. I think the band sounded better at May Jam than at Taoyuan.

Be sure and check out the Downloads page for downloadable files from this show (and other stuff).

This truly was a week for videos. Mark Forman made another cool video, and they tell me I’m in it somewhere (I haven’t viewed it yet). Please note that the video is in Quicktime format (not my favorite) and if your system doesn’t have QT installed, you’ll have to install the plug-in for you to be able to view it. Why haven’t I seen it yet? Quicktime and Linux are not on very good terms. It’s an install thing….

If you know of any links to photos that I should refer to, please let me know in the comments section.

May Jam 2008 was a great show for us to play and we had a blast! Thanks to everyone!

UPDATE: Well I just saw the Mark Forman video and I guess I was just a “tad” bit more intoxicated than I recall! What the heck, it’s only embarrassing to me, so here is the other link to the non-Quick Time version of Mark’s video. At any rate you can hear how cool the guitar sounds (even though the player is toasted!).

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  1. It was great having you guys down. I’ll see what kind of photos I have soon and put them up for ya. Having a bit of a memory problem with my cpu, so need to make some choices. Anyway, Maybe we can talk Axel into doing another one next year.

    Johns last blog post..Taiwan Music: The Rising Hedons

  2. i hope it would be in kao the next time you do a jam!!! so i would not have a hard time finding the place,,,,,he,he and besides i think kao beach is better,,,,uh

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