Bushman’s Picks, April 27, 2008

Wonder what I’ve been reading? Take a look:

  • I love this article. It shows just how bogus the whole Olympic deal is. Why would anyone in their right mind even watch it on TV after all this? Michael Turton brings us Priceless Commentary.
  • Andres shows us what Santiago is like. I gotta tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised. It looks like a wonderful place. Check out his photographs and see for yourself.
  • Thailand blogger Brunty brings us an informative article about the water festival there, called Songkran. It’s always a dangerous holiday with pickup trucks full of passengers hanging off while traveling at high speeds. Then they ride though town throwing water on everyone. This week Brunty has a number of notable articles worth reading, including a followup to the one last week about the scratched car and dead chicken.
  • Carrie takes us back to the wonderful Taroko Gorge National Park. If you missed it the first time, be sure to read this article. I wrote a guest article this week for Carrie and I want to thank her readers for the positive comments.
  • IslaFormosa has a funny article this week about some highlights found on a tourism map in Taipei. You know, there really isn’t any excuse for this kind of thing these days! Amazing….
  • The Tumbler is back and is posting again! His latest is a trip to Yangmingshan. Having made 2 trips before that were less than satisfactory, Ashish and Selina finally made it there, early, and with reasonably good weather!
  • This week, Pashan has a series of articles on Batongguan – 7 days worth of hiking and exploration. Plus Robert tells us about the meals he designed and what he packed. Cool. The photography alone is worth the look.

This week is our 1st wedding anniversary. Hui-chen and I are doing to take a few days off to celebrate. So, we’ll see you soon!

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Michael and Hui Chen,
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary. There are many more to come!

    Your picks came out just in time. I needed a kick to get me started on all the reading I need to catch up on.

    Carries last blog post..Taroko Gorge Redux

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