Hsinchu THSR Station Gets New Platform Shelters

Photos by MJ Klein

Taiwan HSR
T700 on platform 3, Kaohsiung Station

Hui-chen and I went to visit her family this weekend to attend her sister’s engagement party.  While we waited at Hsinchu THSR station, I noticed a couple of new shelters in various stages of progress.

Hsinchu THSR Platform Shelter
Hsinchu is very windy and anyone who has waited on a THSR train here knows how uncomfortable it can be when the wind decides to howl.  Apparently the management decided to put up some wind shelters.  It’s a great idea but can you say “afterthought?”  Take a look at the footings.  They had to dig out the tiles to place the uprights.  I know it’s not finished but it looks ugly.  I’m sure it will be up to the usual high standards of workmanship we are known for in Taiwan when everything is completed.  This shelter is waiting on the glass.

Hsinchu THSR Platform Shelter
Here is another shelter with some glass installed.  It’s not quite finished though.

Hsinchu THSR Platform Shelter
The shelters are a fairly elaborate arrangement of pipes with welded bosses and connector brackets.  The investment cast stainless steel glass hangers aren’t cheap either.   I can tell by looking at the construction that they are doing things right and this will be a sturdy, yet attractive wind shelter when it’s all finished.

Has anyone noticed any new such structures in other THSR stations?

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    1. nina » welcome! yes, we are quite proud of our new High Speed Rail system! it’s a lot of fun to ride, and honestly, i make up excuses to ride it, lol! thanks for your comment and we hope to hear from you often! take care.

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