1. Todd » i only know one person who has eaten elephant, and he came upon it in the forest, dead, in Cambodia during the VN war. he said it was good, but then again, war refugees are opportunistic eaters.
    one can purchase exotic meats online. i’ve never actually done it but i did have an African style cookout planned with a leg of zebra. i don’t remember the reason now, but i canceled it and never got around to doing it. wish i had. i’ve tried whale, and it was incredible. in the Northeast we eat moose and that also is a great meat. now, where are we going to find some elephant?

  2. Carrie » i think that is the same species called “snakefish” in other places. i had snakefish on the Black Dragon River in Heilongjiang. i would like to see that photo when you have time. thanks.

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