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Occasionally I am alerted to new blogs by readers or by the authors themselves.  This is an example of the latter, and I am happy to inform our readers about this blog.  The best way for me to introduce this blog is for me to quote an excerpt from it:

We teach the ancient Thai art of Kae Sa Luk, or fruit and vegetable carving. The art dates back to the year 1342. It was, in centuries past, considered a great privilege for a Thai woman to learn this art, as it was primarily done at the behest of royalty and other respected people in Thai society. All meals prepared for the revered monarchy were presented in exquisitely prepared decorations carved from fruits and vegetable ranging from papayas and watermelons, to cucumbers and cantaloupes. Those practitioners of the art were highly respected for their talents.

The Culinary Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving and Thai Cooking

The blog has photos and examples of what they do.  I for one am very impressed with the skill required to perform these feats:

So, check it out!  I’m sure that like me, you’ll learn a thing or two about this culinary art form!

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  1. I will share this site with a friend of mine on,he is very interested in this sort .

  2. I so enjoy your food blog Mr. Klein!
    Eat more, blog more, and I will be there to read every word and savor every picture.
    Your wife seems like a very lovely woman by the way

  3. Joanna, thank you for your kind comments. we promise to post more food articles on this blog as our readership is growing. we do honestly spend most of our time working on the other blogs.

    yes, my Hui-chen is everything…. she is wonderful, thank you.

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