Tai or Thai?

Photos by MJ Klein

Sometimes, walking around our neighborhood is confusing. I hear people say “farang” when they see me. I hear Thai and Lao dialects spoken. I smell wonderful Thai cooking. Sometimes I have to stop and think: Am I in Taiwan, or Thailand?

Many of our friends have come over for a dose of Thai food and culture. Certainly we enjoy it, and we do miss our Thai friends! Also, we used some Thai products and we are glad to be able to get them in our neighborhood. So I’m not complaining!

Thai powder products are excellent. I’ve been using a prickly heat formula powder for years with excellent results. I wouldn’t travel without it.

This whole top shelf is dedicated to powder products. Some of the bottles are huge!

Notice the camphor soap to the left. Also noteworthy are Thai dental care products.

I use Protex soap myself and it helps with the aforementioned malady. There are also some great perfumed soaps if you want to go for a night out smelling great.

But today, I must admit, was a first for me. I think it was also a first for our neighborhood too.

It was bound to happen, with the sheer number of Thai workers who are residing in our neighborhood. These two men decided to dress up as Thai ladyboys or Kratoey.

Sporting dresses, lipstick and bras, they were quite a sight walking down the street in this small town. Of course I just had to ask them to pose for me. Exceedingly polite, they were all too happy to have me photograph them.

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