But Wait, There’s More Karaoke!

Photos by MJ Klein

Just when you thought it was safe to read my blog and not see any posts about karaoke, here is another one!  Wednesday afternoon our friend Michael Turton came over.  Also Saumen was in town so we got together and went to several places.

Whenever we get together, we walk around shooting anything and everything.  No wonder people are always giving us strange looks.

This is what Saumen and Michael were looking at: someone moving a sofa into their home with a crane.

In the same neighborhood, one of those impossibly thin buildings native to Taiwan.

This is the other side of Hukou – the Filipino side.

And this is what we went for – fried squid!

We had the place all to ourselves….  So, we finished eating and when to….

Shaohui’s of course!

Michael sings Billy Joel

Here you see that our first bottle of Sang Som Royal Thai rum is nearly finished.  We cranked out about 12 songs and decided to go to a new place we hadn’t gone to before.

Once inside we were bathed in a combination of blue and pink light.  Here we see the boss lady (R) and her friend pounding down some rum too.

Saumen called his cool friend Agnes to come over and join us.  We were glad he did, but pissed that he waited so long to call her!

Agnes likes to sing too, so naturally we did some duets.  Notice bottle #2 to the far right.

A very rare occurrence indeed, but Hui-chen also joined in!

Some songs you just can’t do sitting down!

Would you like to join us next time?  We hope so!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast. I love the crane picture and that fried squid looks really good. What did you sing MJ?

  2. Carrie, the fried squid is really great!

    hmmm, i sang a bunch of tunes like:

    He Ain’t Heavy….
    More Than I Can Say
    She’s A Lady

    and the list goes on.

    hope you can make it tomorrow!

  3. Thanks so much for the invite. I wish we could. We are going to a good-bye party tonight to say goodbye to one of John’s TAFFA teammates.

    We’re still hoping to attend the event in Miaoli on the 15th. We’re just waiting for the game schedule. Have fun!

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