On A Clear Day, You Can See Fushing….

Carrie had a great post yesterday about how clean the air is after a typhoon, and how wonderful Taiwan really looks.

While driving along today in the course of my duties, I had to stop and take this photo:

Normally, from this hill you cannot see the high mountains behind the city of Jhubei like this.  One can typically only see the foothills in the foreground.  Today was magical!

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  1. Terrific photo MJ! I wish everyday could be like this in Taiwan.

    How do you do it? You seem to be everywhere all the time. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and I’m so impressed with everything you’ve been up to and all the places you’ve traveled to. It’s inspiring and the ultimate pleasure to meet someone who loves traveling as much as I do!

    And thank you again, for another link.

  2. Carrie, i also wish that everyday could be like this in Taiwan, so nice and clear….

    all i do is go about my business, usually with my camera bag in tow, and i look for things to photgraph. lately though i’ve been looking more at the quality rather than the quantity. i’m trying to shoot less but better.

    i can’t believe you’ve been reading my insane mumblings for a year!

    maybe one day we can meet at one of the blogger goings on (hopefully something that involves drinking, lol). i would like to hear about your travels too as you have been to some places i have yet to visit.

    as always, a pleasure Carrie.

  3. Interestingly enough, I found your blog through 43Things. And I would love to meet up for a beer sometime. I know you’re friends with Andres as well. He always seems to have the greatest weekends out. You’ll have to let me know when the next event is.

  4. we should plan a hiking, camping and cooking weekend + Thai rum, lol. my kind of event!

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