Taiwan Sky After the Typhoon

The sky in Taiwan is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in any country. The transformation that occurs after a large storm is really something to behold.

Hard to believe, but I don’t take my D80 with me everywhere I go. This shot was taken with my mobile phone, showing the cloud bands as seen from Hukou, on the evening of typhoon Pabuk.

These next shots were taken in Yangmei from the top of 2 buildings:

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  1. The pictures makes me a bit homesick. But Glad that the sky in New Hampshire now is pretty these days also. I might go to Portsmouth within couple days, just hope the weather will be okay.

  2. Hi Tim. i haven’t been back to NH in years. my gun permit has expired as well as my DL. i miss the outdoor life and the solitude, but i have to say that my life is better in Taiwan.

    thanks for your comments. feel free to post anytime.

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