Today’s Industrial Photos

Photos by MJ Klein

Looks like we’re going to get clobbered with a typhoon tomorrow. We dodged the bullet twice, but now its our turn to take the hit. So, settle down and enjoy these industrial photos I shot yesterday in Tajia, Taichung.

I needed some sand cast stainless samples made, so I took this tool to a factory that pours stainless in Taichung.
Industrial Photos
This is part of the mold made of sand. I can’t show you the tool itself so the actual product isn’t clearly discernable to protect the Customer.

Industrial Photos
The melt furnace and control panel.

Industrial Photos

Industrial Photos
Pouring molds.

Industrial Photos
Cutting the parts off of the gating.

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  1. Hey MJ.
    Great pictures and it looks bloody hot and hard work.

    I am with you for teh custom mode for picture resizinf for Flickr especially if you are a subscriber to the Pro package.

    But the quality is great 🙂

  2. Brunty, for that last post on my nephew, i used flock to upload the photos to flickr and i resized them to 640 x [whatever]. i used that size for the actual post which seems to be the limit given the width of the blog. i think they look great, but that does limit my large size photo on flickr. its too bad that they don’t offer that size….

    you wouldn’t believe the heat generated by those molds, and by the metal pouring. in those kinds of factories you have to assume that everything is hot. you can’t just walk over to something and pick it up. that might change your life forever!

    thanks and take care.

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