My Nephew

Photos by MJ Klein

Today, blogger Carrie said that she liked my photo of Shiang-shiang.  He was visting us for several days with his mother and grandmother, and I shot quite a few cute photos of him.  I’d like to show them to our readers.

I never saw a kid with so many variations on the Asian Sign of Picture Taking, in my life!

Uncle Mike wears a bush hat.  So when we were walking around Yong An in the sun, Shiang-shiang wore my spare bush hat (yes, I do have a spare bush hat).

Shiang is very smart and he loves sea life.  Yong An was a great place for him to check out sea creatures.

Here he is giving his “Mr. Cool” look, with his pretty mom:

And this is his “sweet” look:

The problem is, Mr. Cool and Sweet Baby only lasts for about 0.23 seconds:

and then he starts hamming it up for the camera.  He is after all, 4 years old!

Today he left to go back home.  While at the Hsinchu THSR station I snapped this photo of him at Mosburger:

Cya buddy.  I miss you already.

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  1. He’s a cutie. A little mini-bushman in the making!

    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are terrific!

  2. hahaha! let’s hope he doesn’t develop the “bush gut” too!

    thanks Carrie. you are known for excellent photography yourself 🙂

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