One Nasty Storm

This afternoon Hui-chen and I were enjoying some relaxation time watching one of our favorite Japanese cooking shows, along with a wonderful grilled chicken salad that my beautiful wife had prepared.

Suddenly we heard a sharp report like an explosion:  THUNDER!  And, in the middle of broad daylight too!  About 15 minutes later the power went out. Mind you, we had yet to see a single storm cloud.  The sun was beating down relentlessly.  I said to Hui-chen “lightning must have struck a pole” and no sooner were the words out of my mouth when we heard another resounding thunder clap.  Very impressive as it shook the whole house.

Shortly thereafter I ventured to the roof where I saw a black sky with lower level lighter clouds moving rapidly towards our position.

Nasty Storm in Hukou

About 10 minutes after I took this photograph the sky opened up and began pissing down rain.  The cool breeze was a welcome break from the stifling heat of recent days.  The light show from the lightning was interesting to watch, nearly impossible to photograph.

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  1. My wife says she caused it by putting out the blankets to dry.


  2. Brunty, thanks for the update on the URL.

    Michael, please tell your wife thanks for us. it was nice and cool after the storm blew through.

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