Lunch at Shao Hui’s

Photos by MJ Klein

Last night Hui-chen and I were at Shao Hui’s place all evening.  One of the regulars told us that he would be cooking a pig tomorrow and that we should come back at 14:00 to try some.  Well, we didn’t have to be asked twice!

When we got there we were informed by the guy that he didn’t kill the pig this morning because the guy who was supposed to help him had to go to work today (weird excuse but that’s how it goes here).  Instead he had some “special meat” and he wanted us to try some.

Thai style mystery meat

One of the great things about living in Taiwan and not looking like a local person is that sometimes people will say things in front of you assuming that you can’t understand them.  By the time the guy brought the plate of food over to our table I already knew it was dog meat.  The dish was so well prepared and the flavoring was fantastic, but it was just too freaking hot/spicy for me to eat.  My stomach felt like it was burning.  Hui-chen and I only tasted a few pieces of it.  Before I tasted it I asked if it was one of those mangy mutts from our neighborhood.  Apparently the guy raises puppies specifically as food animals.

This dish was really great.  Green bean noodles with pork and seafood.  Not too spicy!

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