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Readers of our blog know how much we love Issan country in Thailand. So I would like to introduce a blog all about living in Issan. The blog is Issan Style! and its run by cool fellow named Brunty.

Me, Girlfriend and Younger sisters hand What I like about Brunty is that he always had something positive to say about nearly everything and his viewpoints are levelheaded and calm, very Issan style, indeed. He takes a lot of photos so I know our readers will enjoy those as well.

Here are some recent highlights from his blog:

Thailand. Dallas Episode 5. J.R. V’s Mother in Law. The days of Dallas are returning to the Far North East of Thailand. You see my mother in law has returned from her attempt of finding work in Bangkok again. She didn’t even last 2 weeks as I thought would be the case. She did this exact thing about 6 months ago and went to work as a maid for some people in a nice house but again the job didn’t last as she continually complained of a sore back and other ailments. This time I have no idea why she didn’t stay in Bangkok and even if she found work.

Isaan Style!: Thailand. Dallas Episode 5. J.R. V’s Mother in Law.

The road went a good foot underwater and it wasn’t really heavy rain only in a few places but it was constant. The Ubon council just put new drains all through my street 5 months back but it hasn’t made a difference by the looks of it. Looking to the end of my street. My gate into the house and up the road. When you look up one of the little streets that run onto mine you can see that half way up it is dry and there isn’t any water as the fall of the road brings it all my way but again it never has been a major problem in the 2 years, well not yet and hopefully won’t be fingers crossed. It all runs down to me.

Isaan Style!: Thailand. Rainy Day, Flooded Streets, Fish and a Wet Dog.

The little rabbits still haven’t opened their eyes yet and can crawl around well. He took them out of the cage and put them on a towel and they sat still for a few minutes and then started going here and there. A few were already trying to hop and would only successfully turn themselves onto their backs which was entertaining and funny. He said after she feeds them they all turn on their backs with legs in the air and tummies full of milk and look very happy. It’s a hard life being a baby rabbit. Stretching their legs.

Isaan Style!: Thailand. Baby Rabbits and Good Thai Food.

Thailand. Rotten Fish and Papaya Salad. The last few days every time I arrive home from school there is a smell like something has died and has been lying in the sun for many days. It’s a very pungent smell that makes your stomach turn and screw your face up at the smell. The offending smell is a disgusting food well more the sauce that is used in “Dum Laos” or somtam/papaya salad Laos style. This form of papaya salad is extremely spicy and very salty and the taste overpowering and not delicious. You see the sauce is made from fermented or rotting fish mixed with fish sauce salt and so forth. There’s papaya in that chili.

Isaan Style!: Thailand. Rotten Fish and Papaya Salad.

Enjoy reading Issan Style!

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