5371 Story/Blog Update

Dear Readers:

As you recall, recently I’ve been suffering from a medical problem that has taken me away from both photography and blogging. As it turns out, my condition is not serious, although before that determination was made I had to visit the Hukou ER about 01:00 in the morning recently. I sincerely apologize to everyone because I know that the story about my own experience isn’t satisfactory. I still owe you the report on the military investigation. That will be forthcoming soon, I promise. What I haven’t revealed up to this point is that there was also a civilian investigation which took place at my home and in a professional photographic and video investigation laboratory (very much like CSI). I cannot tell you who was involved, but I will share some of the findings of these independent investigators.

Until that time, please continue to read and comment – Hui-chen and I love to hear from all of you. I will post some of the other articles that I put off during the time that 5371 was a hot news item.

Meanwhile, check out the 5371 set on flickr.com. There are a whole lot more photos there now.

Thanks so much everyone.

MJ Klein

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  1. thanks. i still have a problem, but i don’t feel like i’m going to die anymore.

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