Dinner With The Turtons

Photos by MJ Klein

Last weekend, Hui-chen and I visited our good friend Mr. Michael Turton.  We stayed at his home with his familiy.  After hiking for a geocache, we enjoyed a wonderful meal with them at a local restaurant.

The first shot is an overview of the entire meal after all of the dishes have arrived.  Notice that some of them have already been eaten!  We just cannot sit and wait for everything to arrive before we begin to eat!

Now, in reverse order of arrival:

Fried dumplings!  One of my all-time favorite dishes!

Eggplant with garlic.

One of our famous vegetable dishes (dou meou) that we enjoy in Taiwan!

Scallion pancake.

Most diners will recognize this “kung pao” chicken.  I loved this dish!

A vegetarian tofu dish.  I could become a vegetarian after this one!

Sliced pork and dried tofu (togun).  Excellent!

Lovely steamed white fish.

Sliced beef with scallions.

Pork short ribs (pai gu).

We hope that you enjoy this meal!

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