Geocaching in Khonkaen

Yesterday, Hui-chen and I went geocache hunting with our friend Banchob.

The ride to the village was pretty easy using the GPS despite not having a map to go by. We only had to backtrack once.

The actual cache is what we would call a “microcache” as there is not much room to place things inside. There is a log (no pen) and a sheet of paper explaining what it is, in case someone stumbles upon it by accident.

This shot shows just how small the cache is! But, I had a Travel Bug to place inside!

I rolled up the laminated paper tag and found that I could indeed fit Tadpole the Travel Bug into this cache! Mission accomplished!

This is the information for Tadpole from the website:

Hi, it’s Tadpole.My owner, “hkw0704″, has a dream to travel around the world. However, I think he can’t make this dream come true because he is a poor man. I wish to do this instead of him. Would you please help?

According to, Tadpole has now traveled 2821 km from his point of origin in Taiwan! By my placing it in this cache, Tadpole moved 2135 km to the southwest. I hope that someone picks him up and takes him to another cache far away!

This is Hui-chen pointing to the small container that is the cache. The local people were very nice and of course, very curious about what we were doing. The owner of the property knew what we were there for, and I thanked her for keeping this cache on her property and supporting the hobby of geocaching.

For more information about this fascinating sport, please visit:

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  1. Really glad to see TB Tadpole moving, thank you for drove it a such long distance travel. Is the cache in a restaurant or coffee shop? beer bar?

  2. The cache is located in a homestay guesthouse, about 15KM south of the large city of Khonkaen. Hopefully Tadpole can continue his journey around the world!

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