Wood or Stone?

I always blog on new teapots I get. This past weekend, Hui-chen and I were in Hualien. Readers of our blog know that I love Sanyi, and that is the place to go for wood products. Hualien is known for stone and mineral products in the same way.

This pot is made from “woodstone” and it does look like wood.

I also got a set of matching cups. Whenever you have the opportunity to get cups or a gongbei that matches your pot, you should!

This is a closeup of this amazing stone. In person these items really do look like they are made of wood – but they are all stone!

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  1. cool stuff. my father has been collecting tea pots since i was a young lad so i love to look at this stuff.

  2. unfortunately, the stone stuff isn’t good for brewing tea. it imparts a rather strange taste, putting it mildly, lol. but its really cool to look at, and a nice part of my collection.

  3. Hey,
    Well…Just drop be here! I saw your blog and pics! Uhm,,they are cool & awesome! Oh…And I noticed about the “Recent Visitors”. The flags are strange! I mean…the Taiwanese flag and German flage are change!

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