1. Stumbled upon your blog,your pictures ring a bell.
    Don’t you hang out in Hsincu Flying Pig on weekends?Think I’ve seen you there…

  2. Hi Salim, and thanks for dropping by.

    i’ve been to the FP 2 times and it just so happens that one of them was this past weekend. i don’t normally frequent places that cater to foreigners and i don’t intend to make the FP a hangout. i know about it because Saumen likes it there.

  3. Cool.I have been to FP three or four times(I don’t live in Hsinchu),and saw you there on two occassions.The first time we had a lil small talk about your cigar.

    Nice blog.Liked the way you introduced the craft of pot making.I never knew the nuances that makes a pot standout.

  4. Yes i remember you Salim. i was smoking one of those cigars that i got in this place featured on my flickr.com account:


    if you have a genuine intrest in those gong-fu style teapots, i would be glad to take you to a place for you to check them out in person. they are quite something to see and appreciate with your own eyes.

    welcome to our blog and we hope to see you again Salim. next time you see us at the FP be sure to say hello! take care.

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