Photos of Our Thai Neighborhood

We are staying in a really great place in KhonKaen (we’ll blog on this later).  We thought you would like to see some shots of the area.  We are within walking distance of the #1 Bar, btw.

One of the better places to get lunch or dinner.

This place is directly across the street and visible from our window.  We ate there today and it was pretty good.  The only problem is, no one really speaks English, so we have to use a lot of sign language.  The good part is that most of the food is out in the open so you can just point to it.  I pointed to the Isan style sausage.  Its unbelievable – you have to try it.

The block is full of these little grill restaurants.  Some of them are great, and others are awful.  You just have to take a look at them.

No collection of local photos would be complete without a shot of a tuk-tuk, the local taxis of Thailand.

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