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People love to look at photos of food, and I have literally dozens of photos of Asian dishes on my flickr photo album. I normally don’t blog on food though. I do include relevant photos of food when writing articles about our travels. So, today I wanted to share some of the dishes that we enjoy at home. Hui-Chen can cook, lemme tell you.

This salmon looks grilled, but its not. She deep fried it – perfectly too because the fish is not loaded with oil. Life expectancy of this dish: 3 minutes.

This is stuffed eggplant, cooked in spaghetti sauce. Hui-Chen sliced the pieces and stuffed them with ground pork that she has spiced. Life expectancy of this dish: 5 minutes.

Finally, broccoli and mushrooms in oyster sauce. Now, many people have had oyster sauce dishes in Chinese restaurants around the world, and certainly in the US, but this dish is different. The sauce is light and not too salty. The flavor of the mushrooms compliments the broccoli perfectly. I should have said “complimented” because the life expectancy of this dish is about 2 minutes.

Hui-Chen and I will be on our way to Thailand later this evening. We’ll have some new blog posts for you from Thailand in a few days!

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