Social Networking Sites

Recently, US social networking sites such as MySpace have been in the news, as they are fertile hunting grounds for internet predators. US lawmakers are proposing yet another law to limit access to these sites in order to protect children from such dangers. Although I disagree with the method that lawmakers in the US typically propose to help solve a problem, this situation has given me reason to question my own presence on these social networking sites. While I found MySpace to be completely useless and in reality, stupid, I have had profiles on Hi5 and Friendster sites. After socializing with people on those 2 sites I have come to the conclusion that I have no need for such sites. Its nothing personal but I am just not looking to connect with women for sexual encounters, and, let’s be honest here – that is what these site really are for, whether or not you want to admit that. Therefore, I have removed my profiles from all the social networking sites that I belonged to. I feel that it is better to avoid the scrutiny that is beginning to develop on these sites. I would suggest that our readers review their own participation in such sites, and especially MySpace.

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