Our New New Hot Water Machine

The first one went back to the store last night. You’ll have to trust me on this one: oolong tea and plastic flavors do not match!

This new machine came with an instruction booklet that described a method of removing the plastic taste using lemon juice. I am going to try this method this evening and see what happens.

This puppy came with more stickers than a rock star’s guitar case. I don’t know what the deal is with Taiwanese and stickers, but they also tape the crap out of everything here. You can’t open a candy bar without cutting tape.

I do like how this one looks, better than the other one. The fit and finish are also better. I just have to peel off all those stupid looking stickers!

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  1. The best thing to remove odors from something is fresh charcoal. Cook some a of bread in the oven until it’s nice and black (inside and outside). Then place the “toast” a cheese cloth and let it sit overnight. It will absorb the odor from anything.

    After using the charcoal use lemon juice if needed, but I doubt you will.

  2. we actually do have filter grade charcoal here. i should try that. thanks for the suggestion!

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