New Teapot

Recently our friend Mr. Gan went back to Japan and got some new teapots from the old masters there. Last night I bought one of them. There was also a matching gong-bei so naturally I had to get that too! Matching items are so rare that if you ever find them, you should buy them.

What makes this teapot so unusual is that its 2-toned, and also that the master painstakingly gave it a peened finish, all by hand.

On this side it looks very dark.

Here you can see that its basically 1/4 red color.

Notice the hand peening on the surface. The lid fits very well and this pot pours like a firehose.

I just could not pass up this very unusual gong-bei!

Notice the matching color and peened surface. I’ve never seen a gong-bei with a spout before.

I also got some of the new Taiwan spring tea. This is the best oolong tea that I have yet experienced. It is unbelievable!

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