Our New LY-318H Hot Water Machine

We got our first hot water dispenser for the new apartment. The last place that I lived had a very convenient large filtration/heating/cooling system for the whole building and it worked very well. This machine…. well the water tastes like plastic. If anyone can tell me how to get rid of the plastic taste I would certainly appreciate it. The water bottle on my bicycle tastes better than this machine.

Here is a description of what we got: www.kof.com.tw/product….

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  1. There are several things you can do.
    Done in these steps:

    1.) If you can take it back for a refund do it. Get a better model with a glass or copper piping system. (The bad taste is most likely plastic chemicals breaking down and leaching into the water)

    2.) Soak the system in baking soda. Make sure you work the solution into all piping

    3.) Next Soak in a sugar water solution.

    4.) Last Soak in a lime juice solution.

    5.) Try a denture cleaner like Efferdent.

    6.) Waste basket

  2. unfortunately, none of the models i have ever seen use metal for the unprocessed water tank. they use plastic so you can see the water level.

    my friends have such units and theirs does not taste bad, leading me to believe that its only a matter of time. i removed the top and have left it off for a day now, so the plastic chem smell can escape to the air and not be trapped inside the tank. that seems to be helping.

  3. today i dumped the water out and gave it a vinegar cleaning. the hot water tank had some scuzz in it and i cleaned that stuff out too. i can make tea now and all i can taste is the fine tea and not the water.

  4. the machine is going back this evening. i’ve had it with the plastic taste!

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