Do I Look Like A Boss?

Recently in Hong Kong, Hui-Chen spotted this cool traditional style Chinese shirt. Having heard before, that many Chinese think foreigners look stupid in traditional Chinese clothing, I was surpirsed when she suggested that I try it on. “What the hell?” I replied. “Every single Chinese person here is wearing Western clothing, and I’m OK with that.” So, I tried it on and, it fit and she liked it. We beat the price down to almost nothing too.

So, here is shot of me wearing it (plus some new blue jeans, very rare for me). Do you think I look like a mean Chinese boss?

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  1. oh, my goodness – here i was trying to look tough like a Big Boss and i have women saying they like the look! maybe i hit upon something here? hmmmm

    should i sponsor a “Bushman Makeover” contest? lol

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