Wigger Invasion!

We don’t have to worry about a Chinese invasion on Taiwan. What concerns me is the invasion of wiggers! Every single day, over and over, I am presented with idiotic examples of Taiwanese people trying to act like (their interpretation of) black people! What is going on? I was in a 7-11 the other day and a kid behind the counter shouted “YO MAN! YOU AMERICA PEOPLE?” Yeah, but I’m not a wigger dude!

The real joke is this: I have asked countless Taiwanese what they are doing when they flash those fake gang signs and dance retarded. They reply that they are just doing what Americans do. Apparently Taiwanese aren’t culturally aware enough to determine differences within the vast realm of American Culture.

I want people to understand this post. American Black culture is wonderful. Wigger culture is moronic. I really hate non-black recording artists who try to sing and dance like black artists. Its as if they don’t have their own identity. I call that “playing it safe” and its a cheap shot at the public.

Anyway, Taiwanese wiggers (what should I call them, Twiggers?) make me physically ill. They are painful to watch. The problem is, they are everywhere….

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