Fushing Mountain Area

Hui-Chen and I bought a car last week. We took a ride up in the mountains through an area called Fushing, that leads to Lalashan (Lala mountain). On the way I noticed that several sections of the road, route 7, have been taken out by landslides and are in the process of being replaced.

This bridge used to be green, but now its purple. Its a really nice walking bridge that is lit up at night.

Hui-Chen with Lalashan in the background.

Another shot of the lovely Hui-Chen with a mountain community clearly visible behind her, along the ridge. We had dinner in a restaurant up there and I have to say that the food in this area is excellent.

This man-made waterfall used to be beside the road, but the road has moved due to a huge landslide that took it out. The new road section remains unpaved.

Not Fushing, but a part of Dasi. When you have such a cool picture, one must post it in their blog, regardless of the relevance. We were on our way home from Fushing so its on-topic!

I have a video of the landslide area with my comments but I will have to post the link to You Tube later (it takes forever to upload to that site).

Addendum, December 6, 2005: Finally, I was able to upload to You Tube:

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