About Bags….

Some people have asked me about the different bags I often carry. These are some shots of various bags that were taken in the course of our travels:

Hui-Chen snapped this pic of me sitting in the very first row of Business Class on a KLM flight. I flashed my my Worldperks Gold Elite card and they upgraded us instantly. The bag around my shoulder is a nice black leather model I got in Thailand. That is one of my Thai silk shirts. I got 4 of them while in Kohn Kaen. They are an excellent value at 800 Baht or less than US$20 each.

My North Face bag can be seen here:

Here is another bag I got in Thailand:

That bag broke and was replaced with this one:

Note the cool US Submarine watch I got in Kohn Kaen, and the Montecristo Mini.

Often I carry a shoulder bag and my Nikon:

This shot was taken at the Black Dragon Temple, and the stone was supposedly handled by the Black Dragon himself. I sure love that green silk shirt!

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