Another Trip to The Kingdom

I will be leaving for Thailand tomorrow and I won’t be back to Taiwan for exactly 5 weeks. During the first 10 days of my trip I may or may not be online, depending upon whether or not I can find an internet cafe which is hip enough to understand that the network adaptor in my notebook will in fact work with their “special network” (don’t laugh, I’ve been told that it wouldn’t before). At any rate I will be doing what I usually do, which is wear my Nikon 5700 around my neck like jewelry, snapping pics like a first-time tourist; its what photo documentarians do. I will be engaged in various business activities; one being particularly fun for me, as I have been asked to perform at 2 local cafes and I have prepared an abbreviated setlist which should prove to be interesting. I am bringing my custom made 12-string electric guitar and Roland Micro Cube amplifier for these shows. Trust me, no one has seen the likes of the sounds possible with those 2 instruments combined. I’ll see if I can’t find someone to take a few shots of me playing so you can see what the 12-string looks like.

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