Yet Another Dashcam Video

Video by MJ Klein
Reckless Driving by Unknown-As-Yet Driver

UPDATE: 8/16: HC called the boss of the company, and he saw the video.  He was very apologetic and told HC that he spoke to the driver about this incident.  The driver apologized to the boss and asked the boss to apologize to us.  So, I’m editing the text to replace the word “idiot” with “driver” since he apologized.

Yes folks, yet another local delivery driver cut me off on the road, and made me slam on my brakes in order to not hit him!  Do me a favor please, and leave them a nice message on their Facebook page after you view the video.  My wife and kid were with me and thank goodness I was aware enough to be able to avoid a crash.  Take note at the end, how the driver just hops out of the truck cab to deliver his package, as if nothing happened.  Enjoy!

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