We Have A New Website!

Frequent readers of this blog know that there haven’t been many new articles lately. And the most recent ones are replays of live Periscope broadcasts. The truth is, I’ve been spending effort to develop this platform of live streaming as I believe this is the new frontier, so to speak. I will continue to do photographic essays on the usual topics, but I am also using Periscope to live stream interesting content to viewers. The new site is here:


You can comment on replays of course, and we welcome your input.  Please bear with us for the time being as we are not only bringing in new content, we are tweaking the user experience.  Looking forward to seeing you over at Taiwan Live!

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  1. Will you be migrating your videos to youtube, now that katch is shutting down?

      1. hi Stefan. now that Periscope allows saving broadcasts, i am directly embedding these in the website. it’s a lot cleaner than screen recording and u/l to YouTube, so this looks like a better solution. please check it out and give us your opinion. thanks.

    1. the new development is that Periscope now allows you to #save your broadcasts using that hashtag. i’ve communicated the need for embeddable content, and ideally, an RSS feed system for those of us who repurpose our broadcasts. it remains to been seen whether or not they do it. this whole situation clearly demonstrates that Katch knows the Periscope user community far better than Periscope themselves.

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