Video: Phoenix at the Big City Mall


Video by MJ Klein

Another video shot while testing the new Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C mobile phone stabilizer.  From the video description: I used a 140 degree wide angle lens on a Samsung Galaxy S4, and zoomed the focal length to narrow the field enough to eliminate the motor on the right side of the frame.  This is unprocessed raw video straight from the mobile device with no post processing from Youtube.

Looking forward to your comments below!  Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Phoenix has sure grown since I was last able to view your website. She is a pretty girl.
    Drusus and his parents are in Taiwan. He is going to preschool. Peichi hopes he learns more Chinese. He is very sharp and should learn a lot. His parents said he runs out the door each day to go to school.

    1. hi Carolyn, how are you doing? nice to hear from you again. i didn’t know that Michael and family were back in Taiwan. wow, Drusus is going very early! Phoenix is just starting next month. she’s also excited. Drusus certainly will learn Chinese at school! Phoenix is growing like a weed. she stands a head taller than other girls her age. she is completely interchangeably fluent in both languages, and today she told me some Japanese word she learned while watching TV. the next few years should be very interesting! i hope we can get together with the Cannons. it’s been a long time. thanks Carolyn and take care!

  2. Michael is traveling on business right now. Peichi and Drusus are in southern Taiwan. Are you and your family okay from the quake? Woke up Saturday to that quake on the news.
    Being as my husband and I are old we are having some aging issues, but we are fine.

    1. hi Carolyn. sorry, we were away in Kaohsiung. we are all fine, thanks. our house did rock as our local magnitude was 2.x. our relatives in Kaohsiung were rather violently shaken away with a local 5.x magnitude there. glad to hear you are otherwise well. take care and thanks.

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