Baby Phoenix

Photo by MJ Klein

Baby Phoenix

Baby Phoenix is doing very well.  On November 25th, she passed the 1 month mark.  In that week, she surpassed her birth weight of 2,620 grams.  She’s tiny and for awhile we were concerned because she wasn’t eating that much and wasn’t putting on weight.  But in the last week her appetite has really grown and she’s doing just fine.  You can click on this photo and view the photostream on Flickr where you will find more photos of her.

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  1. Michael said he will be seeing Phoenix this weekend. She is so sweet looking. I enjoy seeing her pictures. Would love to cuddle her.

    1. hi Carolyn. we’re hosting a traditional Chinese banquet on Sunday, and Michael & Peichi are invited. we wish you could join us too. Phoenix is a very cuddly baby and she would enjoy a cuddle from you Carolyn. thanks and take care.

      1. I am looking forward to pictures of the banquet. Imagine everyone had a wonderful time spoiling Phoenix.

        1. hi Carolyn. the photos are up on Flickr. i haven’t had time yet to write the story on the blog, but Peichi’s first words were “she’s so tiny!” Phoenix exceeded our expectations once again, but calmly allowing everyone to take turns holding her. she didn’t make a single peep the entire time. when i thought she was hungry i gave her a bottle, but absolutely no whining, fussing or crying at all! take care, Carolyn.

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