A New Era

UPDATE: June 6, 2012: in light of new developments, we have removed the humorous scan at the end.

This is the worst possible update that I ever expect to write, but a doctor’s appointment yesterday confirmed that one of our twins has died.

At the request of my wife, I have removed the image file in this post.

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          1. thanks Todd. we’re concentrating on making the best of the situation for the remaining twin. we have a name picked out for her based on this experience.

            btw – unrelated – can you make it for Xiao-hui’s party?

            take care.

          2. You’re welcome MJ. Unfortunately, We won’t be able to head up for Xiao-hui’s going away party. Perhaps a Saturday or Sunday this month or next month would be good to just head up with Josie and have lunch together.
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  1. Just wanted to add my congratulations to you both. I am thinking your busy schedule just got a bit busier. Will we be hearing about a family band in the future? Possibly, a power trio?

    1. hi Tom. thanks! wouldn’t that be a hoot? we know that one of our twins is a girl, so at least we got one female singer going on :).

  2. Wow, not what I thought I’d see on your blog today!

    Congratulations MJ!

  3. Congratulations to you both! I have also had my daughter a little later in life and I can tell you that it is fantastic. It’s going to open up a whole new world for you here in Taiwan.
    We moved from New Hampshire to South Korea, had my daughter in Seoul then moved to Taipei.
    Today my little girl will probably go see a doctor. We noticed last night she had some kind of infected cut on her hand. Kids! They have you worried about them all the time.

    1. thanks Mike. i feel like Jacob who because a father to Benjamin in his old age, lol. i hope your daughter’s hand is OK! she’s been around quite a lot for such a young age 🙂 thanks Mike and take care.

  4. Really sorry to hear the sad news about the one twin. Look after Hui Chen.

  5. I am very sorry to learn the sad news. Is the other baby okay? Has the doctor told Hui-chen to take any precautions? My prayers are with you both.

    1. thank you Carolyn. the other baby is doing exceptionally well. in fact, her chances increased dramatically with the demise of the other twin. the doctor says that her body movements are very good (she is very active) and her heartbeat is really strong. although unfortunate, and painful for the parents, what happened to us is not all that uncommon. you might want to take a look at this Wikipedia article (although you might not like the photo in the article), which explains what happened: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanishing_twin we don’t know why the other twin died but there is a list of possible causes. we are not expending effort to figure out the cause; rather we are working together on accepting what has happened. the doctor recommended that we come in for checkups every two weeks, and that Hui-chen make sure she gets plenty of rest. thanks for your kind words and your concerns, Carolyn. take care.

      1. I miscarried three babies between my daughter and my son; and you do have to accept it and move on. You two take care too.

  6. Sorry to hear the bad news. I remember how often we were worried after checkups when it looked like she wasn’t growing fast enough or whatever – it must be so much worse to have a fear confirmed. Hope you guys are ok.

    1. hi Stefan. yes, it was hard to take. we didn’t know anything was wrong and were getting a checkup when the doctor told us that one of the twins didn’t have a heartbeat. we were shocked! to be honest, this has hit us harder than we would have thought. we appreciate the kind words from our readers like you, Stefan. thank you and take care.

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