Grillin’ With Bootsy BBQ at Xiao Hui’s!

Photos by MJ Klein

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a story about grillin’ good food, and also been awhile since we partied at Xiao-hui’s place!  So, the time has come for us to bring you this article and introduce you to our favorite BBQ sauce, Bootsy BBQ!  Bootsy BBQ is known as the “everything sauce” and it really is good for everything!

My long-time friend, Mr. Danny Brown is the man behind Bootsy BBQ, and he can be seen at the end of this recent article.  He has a real hit on his hands with this sauce and you’ll be seeing us talking about it as it makes it way from the US into Asia and beyond!  Bootsy BBQ is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried before and it’s not a tomato based product like most others.  Bootsy BBQ has a flavor all it’s own and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to using ordinary sauces.

Boosty BBQ is an extremely versatile sauce that can be used many ways.  Here are 4 of them that I like:

  1. Marinade:  As a marinade for meats, Bootsy BBQ is second to none.  It works fast too, so the great part about using Boosty BBQ is if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still get the flavor benefits from using Bootsy BBQ.  Even 30 minutes with Bootsy BBQ will make a huge difference.
  2. Grilling Sauce: Bootsy BBQ is fantastic on the grill!  Just brush it on about 10 minutes before your meat is done, on both sides.
  3. Finishing Sauce: If you’re a real smoke-blower, you’ll love Bootsy BBQ as a finishing sauce.  The flavor of Bootsy BBQ compliments smoked food so well that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!
  4. Dipping Sauce: Bootsy BBQ is unbelievable as a dipping sauce!  It’s also great for vegetables too!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

We started out with some chicken on the grill.  Some of you may recognize this grill as the one I made in 2007.  It’s small but it does the job!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

This is the chicken after application of Boosty BBQ.  The sauce turns dark with the heat and the flavor really develops!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

Here are 2 pieces of the grilled chicken (correction, this is grilled pork) after they came off the grill.  They were every bit as good as they look in this photo!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

We also had some sliced pork.  Later we used Bootsy on the pork too!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

We had even more chicken, and it was all done up with Bootsy BBQ.  It didn’t last long!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

Just look at that smoke!  That’s what makes grilling taste great!

Grilling With Bootsy in Taiwan

This is a shot of my last jar of Bootsy BBQ that I have in Taiwan.  Now for the really bad news: a few minutes after this photo was taken we had a small accident and this jar was broken!  So I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next shipment!

If you live in the US you can find Bootsy BBQ in your local Whole Foods Stores, and more stores are adding it all the time.  Soon you’ll be able to buy Bootsy BBQ in Asia too!

You can find Bootsy on Facebook!

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  2. Ohhh! That bbq’d chicken looks fantastic. I am going to be looking for that sauce in every grocery store I go into from now on. Whole Foods is supposed to build a store in two years about 35 miles from us; otherwise I have to go to Seattle to find a Whole Foods store.

    1. hi Carolyn. other stores are picking it up as time goes on. it’s a new product so don’t be shy about asking your local store manager about getting it. you won’t regret it Carolyn; the flavor is unlike any other sauce, and you’ll find you’ll be looking for new ways to use it. be sure and lets us know how you make out! oh, i have a correction: that shot of the meat on the plate is grilled pork, not chicken. my mistake, sorry! thanks Carolyn.

      1. Michael, is there a lot of salt in the sauce? I just had a heart attack Tuesday and had to be airlifted to the heart unit at the hospital in Bellingham. I am on a low salt, low fat, low sugar, and no caffine diet. So I can have a taste, but not a whole serving of something bad for me.

        1. Carolyn! you just had a heart attack and you want to discuss the sauce? let me take a deep breath first, and say i’m very glad you’re still with us, and i hope your heart attack was a mild and recoverable one! i don’t have a bottle of Bootsy here to check but i’ll make in inquiry with the owner and get back to you on the salt content. rest well Carolyn!

          1. I am delighted to be home to watch the deer (and check out your and my Michael’s websites). One buck is resting near the grain pile in the backyard now. It is dark and we keep the back yard lights on until the deer leave. “Motel 6” for the deer. (Here in the States Motel 6 advertises that it will leave the light on for you.)

          2. Carolyn, i’ve been to some of those places were deer congregate and it is amazing! one friend in NJ had 80 deer come through his yard in once afternoon – i was there and documented that happening! glad you’re back home and glad to have you back browsing our sites 🙂 take care Carolyn.

  3. I like bbq’d pork too. I did not pick up on it being pork and not chicken. Since having one retina tear my eye does not focus right at times and I miss seeing or reading things. (Small things, not big things like other cars.)

    1. Carolyn, it’s my fault. i didn’t correct the blog text until after i responded to your comment. i hope your torn retina heals itself soon! take care.

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