Today’s Ride 100320

Photos by MJ Klein and Michael Turton + Video by MJ Klein

Today's Ride 100320

Michael Turton invited me down to Taichung to ride some hills on my recumbent trike.  I don’t have that much experience with hills because there aren’t very many where I live.  I was looking forward to seeing how the trike climbed, with my new 26 tooth chainring.  I shot some video with my GoPro Helmet Hero Wide, video camera (visible on the front of my bike helmet) which you can see later on in this article.  Michael took this shot of me standing in front of a reservoir at the top of the hill we climbed.

Today's Ride 100320

This is the wide-angle view from the top of the hill.  The weather was perfect for riding!

Today's Ride 100320

We think that this is a house that got covered by water when the valley was flooded to make this reservoir.

Today's Ride 100320

Later on, we were treated to this vista.  We crossed the bridge earlier in the day.

Today's Ride 100320

Another overview shot of the area.

Today's Ride 100320

As we crossed a bridge on the way back we saw gravel being taken from the river bed.

Today's Ride 100320

This is a very lucrative business in Taiwan.  The raw material costs nothing.  You get a permit and then extract the gravel.

Today's Ride 100320

The gravel bed is huge!  Compare the thickness to this shovel.

We had a great time riding down in Taichung.  Here is the video that shows what it’s like to climb a hill on a recumbent trike:

This is the route we rode, taken from the GPS tracklog.

Thanks for reading!  We appreciate your comments, questions, retweets and recommendations!

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  4. MJ, what a great place to ride. SO beautiful it makes you want to cycle. I just wish I had that here. I am going to download and watch teh video tomorrow and enjoy your huffing and puffing.

    I see it was a 200 metre climb overall and looked like a constant uphill gradient.

    Thanks for sharing mate.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Congratulations Mum and Dad, 47 Years of Marriage. =-.

    1. hi Brunty. yes, that hill wasn’t exactly user-friendly, let’s say. there were a couple of inclines that had me mashing up on the small chainring. it was fun though, and i do need the exercise. going down on the other side of each hill was a good reward! i’m not as fast as the next guy, but i made them all! take care Brunty.

    2. Hi. Have enjoyed your pics and narrative re the recumbent trike. Is this being sold in the US? If so, any sense as to where? Thanks and best to you. –Dave

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    1. hi Colby. thanks for such an interesting question. i know what you mean, and i’m not nitpicking, but i ride a trike not a 2 wheeled recumbent bicycle. the distinction is almost as important as the distinction between an upright diamond frame, and a recumbent. on the trike, there are no balance issues. where bicycles have to steer through their next crash (so to speak) the trike is completely stable while riding at any speed. while climbing those hills, i didn’t waste a single ounce of energy on maintaining balance. going slow on a bicycle is difficult and one has to go back and forth in order to maintain balance. i was able to ride the trike in a very straight line and hence save energy while doing so. also, any time i felt like resting, all i had to do was grab the brakes. i was already sitting on a very comfortable seat, and recovering to where i wanted to go forward again, didn’t take that long because of the restful position. i would say that my experience with the trike going uphills was easier than my previous experiences on a mountain bike where i used to live. now that i have a 26 tooth front chainring, i feel like i can tackle any reasonable climb.

  7. I see your bike ride articles and get jealous that the weather here isn’t nicer for riding pretty much all year round 🙁

    We’ll have some bike riding weather here this weekend. They are calling for temps to maybe reach 80 degrees (26c)… which will be a nice change.

    We’ve just had… not only the wettest month of March on record in the Boston area (and they started keeping weather records in 1872)… but the 2nd wettest month on history in the Boston area. With 3 seperate storms… we received about 14.5 inches (368mm) of rain. Parts of the Charles and Sudbury Rivers are reaching record flood levels. There is flooding all over Eastern Mass and Rhode Island (they were the hardest hit with this latest storm). The only month where they’ve received more rain was Aug 1955 when 2 hurricanes came thru here.

    (I’ll find some good links from the local TV stations showing the flooding to e-mail to you)

    So… maybe this weekend I’ll be able to get some bike riding in… assuing I don’t run into areas that are flooded out.
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 World of Wheels in Boston =-.

    1. hi Mike. thanks for the report on the New England area. the rain and flooding sounds pretty bad. i do remember Waltham being flooded in the past, and one of the radio stations there being almost under water. i hope you can get some riding in this weekend. we’ll be riding in East Taiwan on Saturday. should be nice there. take care.

  8. Well… I did manage to get some riding in last weekend… and so far this week. Temps Monday and Tursday were in the high 60’s (about 20c). Today they are expecting it to get to about 85 (about 29c)… and then a cool down to the low 60’s (about 16c) on Thursday and into the weekend. I would prefer to ride in the cooler weather later this week than the hotter weather today.

    The flooding was worse in Rhode Island and Southeast Mass. At the Warwick Mall in Rhode Island…. the water was up the to roofs of cars that were in the parking lot. There was 2 to 3 feet (.6m to .9m) of water INSIDE the mall. They said the cleanup there could take weeks before the mall can reopen.

    Speaking of a radio station being under water…. a few weeks ago before the rains hit…. there was a small brush fire at the radio station transmitter sire out in Ashland (the one with the 5 towers).
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 World of Wheels in Boston =-.

    1. hi Mike. sounds like the weather there is going to be some prime riding weather! i didn’t hear about the flooding (except from you) and that sounds bad, what happened at the Warwick Mall. that’s going to hurt the local economy i bet. i didn’t hear about the brush fire either but i bet Grady knows about it. take care Mike.

      1. Well it got to 92 (about 33c) here on Wednesday. They said it was the earliest it ever hit 90 in Boston in the month of April. However… a cold front came thru and today the temps will be about 30 degrees (about 15c) cooler on Thursday and into the weekend.

        Well with the Warwick Mall… parts of Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass for like 8 inches (about 200mm) of rain in that last rain storm we had. I guess there is a stream or small river neaby the mall that flooded out the parking lot and inside of the mall. I’ll see if I can find some pictures of the area to e-mail to you on one of hte local TV station websites (might be better to look at the websites for the TV stations in Rhode Island).

        The brush fire in Ashland wasn’t all that bad. As you know… trees/tall grass are a bit of a distance from the radio station towers…. so the brush fire most likely never got near any of the buildings at that site.
        .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 World of Wheels in Boston =-.

        1. Mike, if you find some photos of the area be sure to leave us a URL for them. it’s been raining a lot here. I spent the afternoon at the local store, sitting outside drinking beer and Suntory whisky while watching the rain come down. almost fun except for the rain!

  9. Great shot of you, MJ. Who took it? I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to riding. I need to get back in the saddle. I’m looking forward to a ride with you. Why don’t you come this way? We could head out to Danshui or Bali, something like that?

    1. hi Patrick. Michael Turton took that photo with my camera. the setting is really great, up on that hill.

      we could do a ride sometime, on a Saturday. sounds like fun. let’s do it. thanks for the offer.

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