Western Cowboys Pub, in Kaohsiung

Photos by MJ Klein

There is a place that Hui-chen and I frequent in Kaohsiung, and we’d like to tell you about it.  The name is Western Cowboys Pub. You don’t have to be a Western person, or even a cowboy to appreciate this fine place.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

This is the owner, Johnson, behind the bar.  Johnson’s knowledge of the finer things in life is impressive.  You can ask him about wine or whiskey, and chances are he’ll have it in stock, too.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

There is a second floor and this is a shot of one of the cabinets full of bottles on the lower landing.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

Another shot behind the bar.  Johnson says he has between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles of different alcohol on hand at any given time.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

He has fine, hand crafted whiskeys from Scotland.  The prices range from a few thousand for a recent vintage, to up to 160,000 NT$ for a rare 40 year old single malt.  Johnson also has an impressive stock of wines, if that is your thing.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

More whiskey upstairs.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

I took this shot from the stairway, showing the main bar area.  The glass case to the left of Hui-chen is filled with fine Cuban cigars.

Western Cowboy's Pub in Kaohsiung

I asked Johnson, who is an excellent bar tender, to make me a cocktail with Amaretto.  This is the result.  It’s a delightful mix of Amaretto and cherry brandy.  It went down smooth and the flavor was great!

Before I forget, I also want to tell you that Western Cowboys Pub also has very excellent food.  I’ve always been impressed with the menu selection as well as the quality and consistency of their food offerings.  If you go there for dinner I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!  Hui-chen and I highly recommend this place to our readers!

Thanks for reading.  As usual we welcome your comments, questions, recommendations and retweets!

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  4. Very nice shot from the staircase. Quite an impressive stack of snack food on the bar. I think those are nachos and (probably wasabi flavored) chick peas, but I don’t recognize the food in the stack – what is it?

    1. Stephan, they normally have those horse beans, dried peas and some kind of a spicy corn chip. they also have peanuts but you have to ask for them.

  5. wow this looks like an awesome place, i must tell my kaohsiung friends! in fact i must go there for a meal and beer and either a whiskey when i back to kaohsiung for a short visit! thanks!

      1. yes me and my friends have already decided on the date. we’re gonna go there on 20th march for dinner and drinks! i’ll come and say hi if i see you there, i’ve seen enough pictures of u and ur wife on this blog so shouldnt have a problem recognising u guys 🙂

        1. Dennis, i have a business meeting the day before so i don’t know if i’ll be able to make it down there on Saturday. hopefully we can. thanks.

  6. This is one of my favorite restaurant in Kaohsiung, especially it is very very close to my place. Maybe we could go visit together some other time.

  7. So… you’re still drnking things with Amaretto in it.

    Well… I have “Sam Malone’s Black Book. I picked it up at the Cheer’s store in Boston. They have like over 2,500 mixed drinks in this book… and LOTS of drinks made with Amaretto.

    This place has a rather impressive number of different alcohol on hand.
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 New England Boat Show =-.

    1. yes Mike, i still like my Amaretto! i’d like to browse that book and see what they have. i know you don’t drink but you’d like the food at Western Cowboys. thanks.

      1. Yeah… I think the last time I drank anything with alcohol in it was back in like 1992 or 1993… the last 160m contest we did.

        I picked up the Sam Malone Black Book at the Cheer’s store at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I’ve had lots of people over the years since I’ve bought this book ask me 2 things… 1) what is in their favorite drink and 2) what other drinks are made with their favorite alcohol.

        The book is like $15.50. If you like… the next time I’m in the Faneuil Hall area… I can pick you up one and mail it to you.
        .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 New England Boat Show =-.

        1. Mike, thanks for the offer. i never was a fan of Cheers (it took me a minute to figure out who Sam Malone was) and the truth is, i can’t get very many different kinds of liquor over here. so if i read about a cocktail that i wanted to make it would just end up being a frustrating experience. but i thank you for your kind, generous offer.

          1. Well this book has all kinds of mixed drinks, frozen drinks (made in a blender with ice), floaters (when you use 2 or 3 different alcohols with the “heaviest” on the bottom and the “lightest” on top… so you see the different layers in a shot glass).

            They have “complicated” drinks (with quite a few things in it) and “simple” drinks (with as few as 2 things in it). One “simple dink” that I’m sure would pack quite a punch is what they call… Thunder and Lighting. Its 1oz 151-Proof Rum and 1oz 100-Proof Peppermint Schnapps.
            .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2010 New England Boat Show =-.

  8. yup, this is a great place. was there with mj during chinese new year’s and it quickly became one of my favorite bars in all of taiwan! hope to go back soon!

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