The Mad Low Rater Is Back!

Dear Readers,

Our Low-Rater is back with a vengeance. I know who it is. This is the kind of thing we can expect from this person, who doesn’t have any friends, or really anything else going for him at all, especially a life. His motivation is jealousy. It’s sad really. Even sadder when you think that this person is actually taking time to do this. He did the same thing to my YouTube videos too.

Just take a look at what he did while sitting in his car behind some building, leeching off their free wi-fi:

10/5/09 6:54:01 AM New Gas Grill 1
10/5/09 6:53:56 AM Ancient History 1
10/5/09 6:53:50 AM Taiwan Trash Truck 1
10/5/09 6:53:46 AM Getting A Taiwanese Driver’s License 1
10/5/09 6:53:40 AM Current Events 1
10/5/09 6:53:36 AM Memorable Meals 2007, Part II: Banquet Food 1
10/5/09 6:53:32 AM BBBB Mobile 1 1
10/5/09 6:53:27 AM Bushman’s Blogger Beach BBQ 1
10/5/09 6:53:21 AM Today’s Ride 090922 1
10/5/09 6:53:16 AM Grill Party At A-Dong’s 1

Notice the times. He’s not reading the articles, obviously.

So the question is: “When is he going to grow up?”

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    1. hi Carrie. well this is one of the things you have to put up with. it doesn’t matter what it is, when you have something nice, someone else wants to tear it down. this person has serious problems with memory recall, observation, and general cognitive skills. if giving us a low rating is what gets him out of bed in the morning, then i can deal with that. thanks.

  2. MJ,

    Sorry to hear the low rater is back. 10 ratings in 45 seconds. I will keep my comments G rated and simply say too bad this person doesn’t put such effort into making the world a better place instead of bothering a blogger.

    1. hey owshawng, we still have loyal readers and commentors such as you. thanks for reading and participating over the years – we appreciate it.

  3. The guy is a complete tosser obviously. People like this are very sad and must have such sheltered lives. He needs to get out more in the real world and maybe move out of his mummy’s house.

    These sort of people waste our precious air, I call them oxygen thieves for good reason. This guy is definately one oxygen thief we could do without in this world.

    1. hi Brunty. you should be enjoying your time off instead of commenting about that tosser (as you so aptly put it). i feel sorry for the person. i remember how he used to be and he’s a mere shell of his former self. this is just so petty and immature that it makes me wonder how he can still function in society. the truth is, he lives on the fringes of society and this is one small viewport into his life. thanks Brunty.

        1. Brunty, thanks for those kind words. yes i did know him but the person that he has become is a total stranger. his memory is faulty and his recollection of events is so skewed that he has alienated everyone – because he has become paranoid and now everyone is out to get him. it’s sad. sadder when you add that to the knowledge that he’s spending time rating our articles a 1. thanks Brunty.

  4. what kinda sad f_ _ _ would do something like this… obviously not going to accomplish much in life. stop wasting Earth’s oxygen imo.

    1. Dennis, i think you put it appropriately! he didn’t accomplish much in life, in fact. but he always has some huge deal just around the corner. lol!

  5. These people thrive on attention, they just want to annoy someone. Sometimes it’s very hard to ignore someone who doesn’t want to interact like normal people would, who doesn’t want to exchange arguments or voice an opinion. That’s pretty much the only thing we can do though – otherwise it’s like talking to a wall or a chair. No matter how good your arguments, a chair will never be able to grow a brain…

    There is an old saying “ignore them and they’ll go away” – old it is, but unfortunately not true – they’ll continue to bother you, no matter what you’ll do. They know they can annoy you, so they’ll go on doing it. I guess the only option is not to care too much, and try to focus on more interesting things instead. Like barbecues on the roof. I bet that guy doesn’t even own a grill. 😉

    1. Stephan by now our readers know what’s going on, so i’m not going to make mention of it again. and no, he doesn’t own a grill. that might mellow him out if he did…. thanks.

  6. Some playground bullies never grow up. He probably struts around in his Wife Beater Shirt on.

    I try to consider what impact this will have on my life ten years from now, on matter of this nature. For now I wish you calm seas and trailing winds.

    1. RGH, this doesn’t even qualify as a blip on the radar. i just posted about it to make our loyal readers aware of the situation. thanks.

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