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  2. Why do I suddenly crave a creamsicle?
    Creamsicle Martini
    2 oz. Vodka
    1 oz. Triple sec
    1 oz. Orange juice
    1 oz. Heavy cream

  3. 😀 i think you were craving for ice cream too much! this classic melody Fur Elise has always been the “sound of rubbish trucks” ^_^

    1. owshawng, i’ve heard stories of foreigners running after the truck upon hearing the song, only to be very disillusioned after catching up to it! thanks.

    1. Mitesh, yes, the truck following the trash truck is the recyclables truck. Taiwan has a very heavy recycling program and we contribute as much to it as we can. the trash pickup system here isn’t like it is in the US. you should be physically present to throw your bags into the truck. in my video, you see that one citizen has a few more bags than he can handle and the guy hops down off the truck to help him. it wouldn’t go over very well if those bags were just left there day after day. sometimes in my neighborhood, someone from the next block will miss the truck, or they somehow feel that it’s more appropriate to place their bags on our street; either way, they’ll come over and throw a bag of trash on the street and expect someone else to pick it up and throw it away. most times the bags do get thrown onto the truck but sometimes they sit there for a few days until someone gets sick of looking at them. this “personal responsibility” for trash throwing also explains the obvious lack of public trash cans in Taiwan. no one wants to be the one who is responsible for managing the trash cans. therefore, people walk down the street littering it because there isn’t anywhere to put the trash. it’s a big problem here. thanks.

      1. That’s why you can just drop your trash in someone’s scooter helmet or handlebar basket and keep on walking.

        1. owshawng, anyone who does that deserves a butt kicking! i get trash in the scooter basket outside our house, frequently. some lazy dude just chucks his crap in there instead of taking it a few steps further to home, or wherever.

  4. would be funny if it happened the other way around….. some taiwanese guy moves to the US and runs out with his garbage only to see the ice cream truck coming down the road
    .-= andre´s last blog ..bushman’s beach bbq =-.

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